Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Before it gets too exciting

'And so,'said Norma, while nibbling on a bit of cake,'Bertha and I thought it might be a good idea not to get too close for the moment.'

'To give me more time to write poetry?' asked Horace.

'Er...possibly!' replied Norma.

'We just thought you aught to know what we'd decided,' said Bertha, 'Norma has persuaded me that we shouldn't just go rushing in and I can see her point. After all we need to work together even more than usual, seeing as there are only the four of us at the moment.'

'And Geraldine!' mooed Annie.

'Indeed!' said Norma.

And here Geraldine stood up and did a little dance before laying down again.

'And it'll be safer for Captain Bill and Cyril if we keep our distance,' said Norma.

'I miss Mr Sir Cyril,' said Annie,' and Captain......Thingy.'

'We all do,' said Norma,'it can't be much fun being on a balloon full of pirate sheep.'

'Unless they've got a bouncy castle,' mooed Annie.

'I doubt that they would have,' replied Norma,'although I've never really spent that much time with pirate sheep, so I wouldn't like to say for sure.'

And everyone agreed that understanding the minds of fanatical pirate sheep was a very tricky business indeed.

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