Thursday, 29 July 2010

By the light of a silvery cutlass

In the still of the night the pirate balloon floated on.

'Right lads,' bleated Lefty,'careful now!'

And another sheep pushed a small lever and the balloon sank lower.

'Island approaching! called out a 3rd sheep.

'Excellent!' muttered Lefty,'soon be home!'

'Erm! Excuse me!' said a sheep in a captain's hat. 'Excuse me, could I just come past, thank you.'

And now he stood before Lefty.

'I was just wondering, would there be any chance that you could drop me off first?'

'Drop you off?' replied Lefty.

'Indeed,' said Captain Bill,'before you all get too involved with the whole arriving at your evil pirate lair thing...if you could just...divert a bit?'

Lefty looked at Captain Bill.

'Have we met before?' he asked.

'No!' replied Captain Bill. 'No, no, not been aboard long really.'

'And want to leave?' said Lefty.

'Well you know what it's like,' replied Captain Bill,'you see an advert in the local press, 'Bored? Looking for a new career? Fancy life as a pirate?' So it was really just a sort of taster course, to see how it goes...and it has been lots and lots of fun...but not for me...probably a bit short of danger to be honest. I thought it would be more swinging on ropes and sword fights, still you live and learn!'

'Right,' said Lefty,'well.......seems a bit....mutinous if you ask me!'

'Never!' mooed Captain Bill.

The pirate sheep stared at Captain Bill...there was ....a moment.

'Did you just moo?' asked Lefty.

'Erm!' bleated Captain Bill.

But at that moment a very large , sunglass wearing sheep pushed his way to the front.

'If I might suggest,' he began,'if he wants to leave...let's let him leave!'

And with that Cyril picked up Captain Bill....and threw him overboard.

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