Saturday, 3 July 2010

Feeling Captainy again!

Well I'm still not sure about those Captain Inspectors!

Morning all, Captain Bill here.

It's always been quite clear to me that some sort of cheating went's the only logical way of explaining why I failed. Now that we know that pirate sheep were involved it confirms all my suspicions. It wouldn't surprise me if they actually went so far as to switch port with starboliarboliboard!

The point is I feel I can get back to being fully in command.

I'm sure you can understand my temptation to rush in and play the hero. Swinging on a rope, cutlass clenched between my teeth, rescuing Ms Camille and her little students etc, etc.

I shall just have to try to hold myself back!

Until then...have nice weekends and remember if you need inspiration...think Captain Bill!

Until next week,


PS Did I mention it's CAPTAIN Bill!

1 comment:

baahar said...

I now have an image of Captain Bill swinging on a rope in my head :)