Friday, 9 July 2010

Going into action

'I feel a fool!' grumbled Captain Bill.

Cyril stopped and turned towards him.

'That's because you look like one,' he replied.

'And why has my costume got 3 arms?' asked Captain Bill.

'How many did you ask for?' replied Cyril.

'Ask for?' questioned Captain Bill.

'Ask for!' replied Cyril.

'I didn't ask for any!'

'Well think yourself lucky to have got 3 then!' said Cyril,'I only got 2.'

'We'll never get away with this,' continued Captain Bill,'they'll spot us in seconds!'

Cyril thought for moment.

'Let's do it anyway!' he mooed and headed off down the hill.

'We could emigrate!' called out Captain Bill as he followed him,'nobody would ever know...'

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baahar said...

"Ask for?" ... brilliant !! :)