Friday, 16 July 2010

How to cheer up Royalty

'Disqualimafied!' exclaimed Queen Phoebe.

'That's right,' replied Bertha,'from the pole vault and the relay.'

'And the 3000m backwards pie carrying,' added Norma.

'It's because they can't do anything individually,' continued Bertha.

'So their plans are in tatters!' finished Norma.

'Well, I have to say One aint at all surprised,' replied Queen Phoebe, 'history has consistently shown that the diabolical machinations of fanatical pirate sheep are so often thwarted by an inability to operate on an individual basis!'

'Whatever!' said Norma and Bertha together.

'Which just leaves the thorny question of what One does with the little balls of fluffy criminalness?' added Queen Phoebe.

'And of course we still need to find out where they're holding Ms Camille,' said Norma.

'But we're hoping Cyril and Captain Bill will come up trumps on that,' said Bertha.

So everyone decided to wait to see if Cyril and Captain Bill could come up trumps on that.

Which they did...............................sort of!

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