Wednesday, 21 July 2010

How to cope with inflation

'This really is so very kind of you,' said Horace.

'Not at all!' replied Queen Phoebe,'we're just glad to be able to help.'

'WE?' gasped Norman.

'Only the sooner we get the balloon inflated...' continued Horace.

'Our pleasure!' replied Queen Phoebe.

'OUR?' panted Norman.

'It would have taken us forever otherwise,' added Horace.

'Well you can always rely on us,' replied Queen Phoebe.

'US?' trumpeted Norman.

'So the 2 sensible ones?' queried Queen Phoebe.

'Norma and Bertha?' replied Horace.

'Yes,' replied Queen Phoebe,'they would be?'

'A bit busy at the moment,' replied Horace.

'Right!' said Queen Phoebe.

'So they asked me if I could just make sure you were OK,' continued Horace.

'Fine! said Queen Phoebe.

'So have you read much poetry lately?' asked Horace.

And for Queen Phoebe the next couple of hours went very, very slowly.

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