Friday, 30 July 2010

How to fall...and land!

Captain Bill fell through the cool night air.

He spent so long falling that in the end he got bored with screaming and simply passed the time thinking of ways in which he would have got his own back on Cyril..if he'd lived to do so.

He managed to come up with 37 different ideas before he hit the hayrick.

He went quite a long way into it before it's springiness lifted him back into the air and for a brief moment he was airborne again.

But then he fell for a 2nd time and landed on some bales of hay...and then bounced once more before finally landing with a thud on the damp grass.

For a while he lay doing nothing. He'd never quite seen the point before in why Annie bothered to count her legs but now he gave it a go and found he still had 4...and 2 horns and a tail.

This he found pleasing.

He was just about to try standing when he became aware of the sound of the rumble of hooves which were moving in his direction. They stopped in the dark a little way from him and he saw a long line of pairs of eyes blinking in the moonlight.

Then one slightly larger pair of eyes moved closer and a voice spoke in the night.

'CAPITAINE BILE!' it said.

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