Wednesday, 7 July 2010

How to hide

'Oh, do come out!' pleaded Norma.

'No!' hissed Captain Bill.

'You'll get cramp all scrunched up in there,' added Norma.

'I'll be fine!' replied Captain Bill.

'Now look,' continued Norma,'I want a peaceful resolution to this situation but I'm warning you, if all else fails, I'm willing to send in Geraldine.'

And at this juncture Geraldine slipped off the safety catch and had a couple of practice snips.

'I never thought I'd see you stoop this low!' muttered Captain Bill.

'Well you've forced me into it,' replied Norma. 'I know I'm asking a lot of you but it's for Camille and her little students and I'm quite sure there's a hero inside you somewhere.'

Captain Bill poked his head out of the hedge.

'Well he's very well hidden if there is,' he said.

'We'll find him,' replied Norma.

And so slowly Captain Bill climbed out and, together with Norma and Geraldine, he made his way back towards the rest of the herd.

'Besides,' added Norma as they walked along,'it's not as if you'll be on your own.....Cyril's going as well!'

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