Wednesday, 14 July 2010

How to keep a Queen entertained

'And so I'm afraid, so far, Cyril and Captain Bill haven't really been able to find out very much!' said Norma.

'Well, I suppose One will just have to be patient,' replied Queen Phoebe,' only usually One employs a poor person to do that sort of thing for One.

Norma said she was sorry for the hold up.

'It wouldn't be so bad if his little regalness were here,' sighed Queen Phoebe,'only One does miss 'im so.'

Norma said she was sorry for a 2nd time.

'Horace has said he'd be happy to read some poetry to you while you're waiting,' she suggested.

'Is he the miserable one what's still trying to find a publisher?' asked Queen Phoebe.

And Norma confirmed that he was.

'Maybe give it a miss then,' replied Queen Phoebe.

And Norma said that she understood.

'So what next?' asked Queen Phoebe.

'Well,' replied Norma,' the competition proper starts tomorrow, the first event is the junior open invitation pole vault, so at least we should be able to see if the sheep's diabolical plans are going to work.'

'I suppose we could go and watch that then,' said Queen Phoebe.

And so she and Norma wandered off towards the athletics track.

So you'll have finished with me then?' said Norman...several hours later.

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