Monday, 19 July 2010

How to recognise a clue

'You know,'reflected Norma,'the next time we suspect the involvement of pirate sheep, we might do no worse than take a quick tour around the nearest balloonidrome!'

'I feel such a fool!' said Bertha.

'You and me both!' replied Norma,'still on the plus side they should be easy to follow.'

'And at least it looks like Cyril and Captain Bill managed to stow themselves away,' said Bertha.

'Are you sure?' asked Norma.

'Well I can clearly see somebody wearing a Captain's hat,' replied Bertha.

'What's he doing?' asked Norma.

'He's trying to climb out!' replied Bertha.

'That'll be our Bill then,' said Norma

And with that the 2 girls moved off.

'So hot pursuit it is then!' said Bertha as they both hurried towards the balloonidrome.

'Well, I suspect it'll be more of a 'winds light to variable' pursuit,' replied Norma,'but it should be fun while it lasts!'

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