Monday, 12 July 2010

So far, so not very much

'So,' asked Cyril,'have you found anything out yet?'

'Yes,' replied Captain Bill,'this costume itches!'

'Could be crucial!' said Cyril.

And so for a while Cyril and Captain Bill stood and watched the sheep moving around them.

'They're nippy little things aren't they?' conceded Captain Bill.

'Wouldn't surprise me if some of them were on wheels,' replied Cyril.

'Will they stop at nothing!' mooed Captain Bill.

'Careful!' bleated Cyril,'remember you need to blend in.'

'Blend in!' exclaimed Captain Bill,'I'm disguised as a sheep who's disguised as a human who just happens to have 3 arms...and I've still got me Captain's hat on!'

'I suppose they're too involved with their own plans to notice,' replied Cyril.

'So what do you suggest we do next?' asked Captain Bill.

'Hmm,' replied Cyril,'time to report back perhaps?'

And so, by the method that they'd previously arranged, that is what they did.

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