Monday, 5 July 2010 it worth it?

Hello! (I'm saving my 'o's for the next sentence)

I'm soooooooooooooooooooo (told you) tired!

There's just soooooooooo ( I still had a few left) much going on!

Norma suggested that it might help if I gave all of us a detailed breakdown of the plot.

I think we can all recognise when we're on a hiding to nothing!

But from what I can work out, there are people pretending to be other people which they shouldn't be doing and the people that they are pretending to be just aren't here and we're here but the people doing the pretending tried to stop us otherewise we would notice that the people who aren't here aren't here.

And there are minimoos mixed up in it somewhere as well.

I like minimoos.

Has anyone ever noticed that when you lay down your eyeballs are on top of each other?

Strange that!

Right, that's enough pointless rambling from me.



PS I have no idea why Geraldine is dressed as she is but it's her day off and how she spends her free time is up to her!


Armenoi said...

I have just seen this one. Nice. I particularly like the eyeballs. Well done Annie. I think she is a secret genius!

Armenoi said...

I still like this one and I still think Annie is a genius.