Wednesday, 28 July 2010

An update from a Royal Type Person

Ello subjects! Your Queen speaking!

You'll be glad to hear (you will, remember we have plenty of dungeons) that I've collected his little Crownness (isn't he adorable, One don't know how One survived without 'im) and we've switched to his biggest ship.

All of which means it's pirate sheep stomping time!

'Brave King rescues grateful poor people.'

I think that's the sort of headline we're looking for...and perhaps a few pages of photos in the Sunday's...although experience would suggest that we should settle for anything what don't call for a revolution.

The problem is they don't realise what his little Kingshipfulness has to deal with!

He's had to cancel 3 garden parties and a brace of banquets just to be 'ere! (cue 'King don't bother turning up' editorial).

They seem to think all he has to do is wander around in a big robe wearing a crown. They don't get to see the behind the scenes stuff. I mean, he was up till 2am writing out his birthday prezzie list (send them anytime, no limit to how much you want to spend. Only do take the trouble to find a nice bit of paper to wrap 'em in. Some of 'em last year had a distinct whiff of the cheap and cheerful about them).

Right, on we go!

*Royal type waving*

Queen Phoebe

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