Thursday, 22 July 2010

What Pirate Sheep think.

'Arggghhhh! Har......har, har....har, har har...etc, etc. Right lads,' began Lefty,'tis no point in avoiding the issue, we failed in our underhoof but otherwise highly original caper!'

And a general murmuring and bleating ensued.

'I know, 'continued lefty,'tis not easy to accept but we must be realistic, it was a right fleece up!'

And from in amongst the throng a strong metallic tapping was heard.

'No Hooky!' bleated Lefty,'you mustn't blame yourself, for even by our ruthless pirate standards your injury is a most sever one and to have asked you to impersonate a human was, in my opinion, a step too far!'

And here there were cries of 'shame', 'pardon' and 'speak up.'

'But my point is lads,' continued Lefty,'it's a pretty good bet that when we get home our boss will not be best pleased with the news.'

And again cries of 'shame', 'rubbish' and 'what did he say,' were heard.

'So in conclusion,' concluded Lefty,'should he decide to keel haul the lot of you, don't look to me for help!'

And the flock as one accepted Lefty's statement for t'was only pirate law that he was quoting.

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