Thursday, 26 August 2010

Something to be afraid of

The 3 pirate sheep sat quietly beneath the balloon. They would have been happier if there had been more of them or possibly the whole flock but Flossie had promised them it would be OK.

And it should have been.

Until the arrival of......

'Helloooooooo!' said Annie.

The sheep looked at each other and then nodded towards Annie.

'That's a very nice looking balloon you're guarding,' continued Annie.

And again the sheep nodded in response.

'Are you...on your own?' asked one of the sheep.

Annie looked around her.

'I think so,' she replied,'unless there's a Pengiming hiding in my disguise!' and her gave her head a little shake to see if anything fell out.

'Right,' said one of the sheep, who began to look a little nervous,'and you're not bothered about that?....being on your own.'

'Hmmmmmmmmmmm?' said Annie,'I suppose not, it happens quite a lot. I should think the only things that I'm afraid of would be killer armchairs, falling down a really big hole...and the six headed weresheep.'

'What?????' bleated the sheep.

And this time it was Annie's turn to nod.

The sheep huddled a bit closer together.

'Isn't no such thing!' said one of them.

'That's what I thought,' said Annie,'....until I saw one!'

'SAW IT!' bleated all the sheep together.

''Hmm,' said Annie,' it looked a bit...well, it looked a bit like that!' and she pointed behind the sheep.

'ARRRRRRGGHHHH!!!!!!!!!' screamed the sheep as they ran away down the hill.

'Oooops!' said Annie to the minimoos ,' what have we gone and done?!'


Jeanette [Maisy] House said...

hahahaha!!! annie is a blimmin' genius!!! lmao

Tina Mammoser said...

OOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!! Oh tears in my eyes at the bottom pic! *gigglesnort*