Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Breaking in

It was, not for the first time in recent episodes, rather late at night.

Norma looked at Horace, Horace looked at Bertha, Bertha's tail waved a bit.

'All clear!' whispered Horace.

Norma herded across to Cyril.

'All clear!' she mooed.

And Cyril resumed eating.

'How's it going?' asked Norma after a while.

Cyril paused.

'It's not bad,' he replied,'a good solid texture with a nice lemony after taste that really stimulates the palette. I'd prefer a little more salt with it and for an accompanying wine I'd suggest something dry like a '93.'

'Right,' said Norma,'.....actually I meant how far through it are you? Sorry I should have made that clear.'

'About half way,' replied Cyril.

'Great!' said Norma.

'WOOOOSH!' went a sound in the night.

'I wish we knew what was causing that!' said Norma,'that's the 3rd time it's happened!'

'Well it's not me!' said Cyril.

And everyone was grateful that it wasn't.

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