Thursday, 19 August 2010

Breaking out

WHOOOOOSSSHHHH! Went a little, hay wrapped, Jean Claude into the night.

'That's the last one safely over the hedge!' mooed Captain Bill,'I told you it would work, it's a perfect seesaw! Right, pull on the rope.'

So Camille pulled on the rope and the glider tilted back towards her.

'You know,'said Camille,'I'm not going to feel 'appy about this until I know that none of them 'ave been splattified!'

'They'll be fine!' replied Captain Bill.'Your turn now. Climb on!'

Slowly, hesitantly, Camille placed herself onto the end of the wing of the glider.

'Ready?' asked Captain Bill.

'Well not really!' replied Camille.

'Too late!' said Captain Bill and he pushed a bale of hay onto the other wing.

But nothing happened.

'Might need one more,' whispered Captain Bill and he pushed a second bale on...but again nothing happened.

'Just one more,' he said and, after carefully selecting a particularly large bale, he pushed that on as well.

And the wing of the glider snapped clean off.

'Ah!' said Captain Bill.

'OK!' said Camille,'now I suggest that you think verrrrrry carefully because if anything that you're about to say involves the use of the word 'weight' I will be forced to come over to your side of the glider and jump up and down on your 'ead....repeatedly!'

So Captain Bill said nothing.

Which turned out to be quite lucky because in the ensuing silence both he and Camille became aware that someone was moving towards them.

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