Thursday, 5 August 2010

Education, education, education

'And so,' continued Camille,'I managed to persuade their ruthless pirate leader that it would be in everyones interest for ma little students to continue some sort of rudimentary education.'

'Well, well done you!' replied Captain Bill.

'Indeed,' said Camille,'but unfortunately the only books I 'ad with me were for some, how you say, light 'oliday reading.'

And Camille passed Captain Bill two hardbacked books.

''Digging tunnels for pleasure and profit',' read out Captain Bill from the cover of the 1st book.

'Yes,' replied Camille,'Blanche and Alice have been making what they can of it but without heavy lifting equipment and a decent oxygen supply they 'ave found it difficult to get beyond about 900m in any given direction!'

'Still, commendable effort!' said Captain Bill,'and the other book?'

''My First Glider',' replied Camille,'see 'ere how Jean Claude has managed to fashion this crude 12 seater at the top of this steep 'ill. However due to a lack of good quality wire to allow fine control of the aileron I 'ave only felt able to give 'im a B+.'

'Firm but fare!' said Captain Bill.

'But really,' said Camille,'enough of all this,'ma little students education, important though it is if they are to eventually achieve something worthwhile, cannot be of any real interest to you and besides we grow eager to 'ere of how you intend to 'elp us escape.'

'Right,' said Captain Bill, 'well...and this may come as a surprise to you!'

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