Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Explanations and expectations

'And so by the time I 'ad realised what was going on we 'ad already been kidnappified!' said Camille.

Right!' said Captain Bill.

'Of course ma little students were scared out of their little 'ides, but I said 'fear not!' because I was quite certain that as soon as 'e understood what 'ad happened the brave Capitaine Bile and 'is crew of equally brave, although slightly bizarre, individuals would rush themselves to our rescue!'

'Indeed!' mooed Capitaine Bile.

'And 'ere you are!' exclaimed Camille.'Dropping from the sky in the middle of the night in an act of bravery so brave that even a pretty brave person would 'ave to think very carefully before doing it!'

'Well!' said Captain Bill.

'No!' interrupted Camille,'I won't 'ave none of that false modesty for which you types are so renowned. Clearly it is all part of a plan so clever that it is way beyond even me, a fully qualified teacher of little students, to be able to work out. I can only guess that even now your comrades are launching upon the next decisive phase that will inevitably lead to our freedom and a long spell in the slammer for those pirate sheep which survive the horrific onslaught!'

'Erm.........' said Captain Bill,'.......maybe!?!'

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Anonymous said...

haha! etienne already managed to get his hooves on bile's HAT!!