Saturday, 14 August 2010

Four met by moonlight

In the cool still of the night four friends huddled close under the base of a large sign deep in hushed conversation.

'But I couldn't find any willow so I used hazel instead but Norma, my best friend, told me to stop after half an hour!'

'Well, that'll be enough to be going on with,' replied Cyril.

'Excuse me!' interrupted Norma,'I really don't think that the best way to spend our time tonight is in discussing ways of poking Horace with a stick!'

'Please yourself!' replied Cyril.

'So if we might move on to the rescue of Ms Camille and her little students,' suggested Norma.

'In the big field, with the high hedge, at the top of the hill,' replied Cyril.

'Guards?' asked Norma.

'14,' replied Cyril.

'Hmmm, that's a lot!' said Norma.

'Not really,' replied Cyril,'they're all on the gate.'

'All of them?' questioned Norma.

'That's sheep for you!' said Cyril.

'And Captain Bill?'

'Already inserted,' replied Cyril,'if you get my drift.'

'Brilliant!' said Norma,'now all we need is a plan!'

But luckily Cyril had one....and a pretty good one at that!

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