Friday, 6 August 2010

The fun that is searching

'So then we went back for a 3rd time,' said Horace.

'And still nothing?' asked Norma.

'Well, I had an idea for a sonnet!' replied Horace.

'No, no!' said Norma,'I meant still no sign of any pirate sheep?'

'Not one!' mooed Horace.

'Very odd!' said Norma.

'Perhaps they've burrowed?' suggested Bertha.

'I'm not sure sheep do that,' replied Norma,'not even pirate ones.'

'And there was no sign of Ms Camille or Cyril or anyone else,' added Horace.

'I just don't get it!' said Norma,'we've scoured the entire island and there's not a sign of life!'

'It's a pity we couldn't ask someone,' said Bertha.

'We could ask those people,' called out Annie.

'Which people?' asked Bertha.

'The people on the other island,' replied Annie.

'Other island!?!' said Bertha, Norma and Horace.

'The one with the nice pirate flag flying over it,' replied Annie and she pointed at it with her tail.

Bertha, Norma and Horace all hurried to have a good hard look at the other island.

'Right,' said Norma rather quietly,'well anyone can make a mistake. Now if we could all make our way back towards the quickly as possible please!'

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