Wednesday, 1 September 2010

How to find you ship

'Well yes, I grant you, in retrospect, it would have been a good idea to have asked them where they left the Mootilus,' said Captain Bill.

'You know, I think this is just the sort of numptyness that Norma tried to warn me about!' replied Camille.

'Well not to worry,' said Captain Bill,'Cyril won't take long to find it.'

''e 'as some idea where it might be?' asked Camille.

'No,' replied Captain Bill,'but he has a nose, that and the knowledge that there'll be at least one tin of tin of emergency cake onboard.'

'BURP!' said Cyril from a distance.

'He's found it!' said Captain Bill and he and Camille set off in the direction of the sound.

'So soon we will be underway!' mooed Camille as they herded along.

'Should be!' replied Captain Bill.

''Excellent!' said Camille.'You know I may have been a little bit 'ard on you over this 'hole escaping thing but now I know that you'll be back on the water I feel sure you can be the true 'eroic, fully qualified, sea capitaine that that everyone knows you are!'

And suddenly Capitaine Bill felt very......very........very uncomfortable.


ted and bunny said...

Very pleased to see your cartoon cows have their own blog- I had enough problems when our chicken said she wanted her own.
But at least she's real...well I think she is!
Thankyou for cheering my morning

Steven Allender said...

You are most very welcome! : )