Monday, 2 August 2010

How to sneak up

'Nasty Pirate Sheep infested island approaching!' called out Bertha.

'Positions everyone!' mooed Norma.

And everyone moved up next to the ropes that were suspending the Mootilus under the balloon.

'Wait for Geraldine's signal,' said Norma.

Geraldine hopped up onto the hat boxes at the stern of the ship and peered overboard for a while, then she looked up at the balloon, then back at the Ocean........finally, suddenly, she jumped into the air and flapped her little wings.

'NOW!' mooed Norma.

And the air was filled with the sound of teeth biting through ropes. The balloon floated free and the Mootilus, with a splash, landed in the sea.

'Perfect!' said Bertha.

And the crew sat for a while and watched the balloon drift away.

'Bye, bye Mr Balloon!' mooed Annie.

'It's a shame to see it go,' said Norma,'but I'm sure they would have spotted us if we'd tried to land in it.'

'So,' asked Bertha,'is everyone ready to row?'

And everyone they did...and Geraldine steered.

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Anonymous said...

zoiks! it's like a james bond movie!