Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Just doing my best!

Morning all!

Your Captain speaking...

I knew she'd want to get things off her horns!

What is it with Bertha?


I suppose we can't all be gifted with the qualities of top notch decision making. Still now I've cleared the air we should be able to move forward in a spirit of friendliness and cooperation...or as much as Bertha can muster.

Norma has suggested that we lay low until tonight and then make our way back out via Cyril (if you see what I mean) for a rendezvous with the others and I'm pleased to say that that turns out to be exactly the same as my idea. It also has the advantage of being nice and simple without the need of gliders and suchlike.

Which means I've got just enough time to sort out one other problem that's being bothering me...

Well enjoy your day!

Captain Bill

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