Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Managing your flock

'Really!' bleated Flossie as he ran along,'there used to be a time when you could leave a balloon around without having to even place a guard on it!'

'People just don't seem to have any respect these days,' agreed Lefty.

'Anyway lads,' called out Flossie,'we can catch 'em up! The Mint Sauce is still the quickest ship on the high seas.'

'Lads are looking forward to a chase!' bleated Lefty.

'Good lads, brave lads,'puffed Flossie,'and seeing as how the need is pressing, just for once, while we're on the way to the harbour, I'll turn a blind eye to the whole running with swords and pointy things issue.'

'What about muskets?' called out a sheep from the back.

'Well,' replied Flossie,'obviously because of pressure of circumstances I would say any general personal weapon would be covered.'

'What about a cannon?' called out another sheep.

'A cannon?' replied Flossie,'...but you can't run with a cannon!'

'You could if it's a small one!' bleated someone.

'And it was on wheels,' said another.

'Well,' called out Flossie,'is anyone actually running, right this moment, downhill, with a small cannon?'

'Right then,' said Flossie,'clearly it's an academic question.'

'Lads are just asking,' pointed out Lefty.

But at that point the conversation came to a close...because they had reached the harbour.

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