Monday, 16 August 2010

A moment of genius

Camille took a good, long, hard look at the diagram that was labelled MK V Top Secret Escape Plan.

'Brilliant isn't it!' mooed Captain Bill.

'Welllllll,' replied Camille,'like what definition of brilliant are you using?'

'The regular one!' replied Captain Bill,' you know I could kick myself for not thinking of it sooner. I mean there I was struggling, for a bit, for an idea and then suddenly it came to me! Jean Claude's glider I thought! Why not use that I thought! It's just sitting there. It'll be perfect for getting us over that hedge!'

'Well I 'ate to drizzle on your parade,' said Camille,'but I can think of one pretty good reason!'

'What's that?' asked Captain Bill.

'Death!' replied Camille.

'DEATH?' exclaimed Captain Bill.

'Indeed,' replied Camille,'because right now I'm 'aving this vision of me saying, " 'Ello Mr and Mrs Jean Claude, sorry we're a bit late getting back. We would 'ave been 'ere sooner only it took me longer than I expected to scrape your son off the ground. Maybe if I 'ad 'ad some sort of spatula, but never mind we are 'ere at last!". And then I give them like a verrrrry small paper bag.'

'No, no!' said Captain Bill,'the little ones'll be fine! And I fully intend to wrap them in hay first!'

Camille looked from the plan to Captain Bill to her little students and then back at the plan.

'OK! I suppose we 'ave to try something,' she conceded.

'Marvelous!' said Captain Bill.

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Quercus Silver said...

Thanks for another happy-making masterpiece.