Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Now let's be clear about this!

'Might, mo mar mo guwd!' said Norma.

'Mot?' asked Bertha.

Norma pushed up her balaclava helmet.

'I said, so far so good! We seem to have got ashore without anyone seeing us!'

'Meximent!' mooed Bertha.

'I now propose that we move into phase 2,' continued Norma,'Red 3 and Red 4 will move inland and establish a forward observation post while the rest of us make a nice pot of tea.'

'Mho's Med More amain?' asked Horace.

'You are!' replied Norma,'and Geraldine is Red 4.'

'MOK!' said Horace,'and mot's Mannie?'

'Hungry!' said Annie.

'Well maybe we should all have another slice of cake before anything else?' suggested Norma.

And so by general agreement that's what they did.

But it was only a thin slice.

And then they got straight on with really!

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