Saturday, 7 August 2010

A plan of complete geniusness

'Which was when I realised,' continued Captain Bill, 'that by taking the books apart and then by sticking the pages back together I could model a highly realistic representation of one of the pirate sheep.'

Camille and her little students all leaned forward for a better view of the 'highly realistic representation'.

'OK!' said Camille,'....and then?'

'Well,' replied Captain Bill,'by making the model hollow we can climb inside and then walk out past the guards!'

'You know,' said Camille,'I always 'ave a policy of telling ma little students the I 'ave to say....I'm just a bit disappointed!'

'Right,' said Captain Bill.

'Actually,' continued Camille,'when I say a bit, I mean very, as in let's be frank 'ere, I cannot remember the last time I was quite so disappointed, in fact I wouldn't be surprised if some of ma students became traumatised with disappointment and never really recovered.'

'Not a winner then?' asked Captain Bill.

'If I was marking it I'm thinking I would be giving it an F- and a 'see me afterwards',' replied Camille.

'OK!' said Captain Bill.

'I can only think,' said Camille,'that you have put forward such a feeble effort because you thought that the real plan was so daring and exciting that it would be in danger of exploding ma little students tiny 'eads!'

'Well......,' said Captain Bill.

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