Friday, 20 August 2010

Quite nicely met by moonlight

In the early hours of the morning, with dawn fast approaching, old friends had met, hugs had been exchanged and where appropriate kisses on both cheeks had been administered.

'Sorry it took us so long!' said Norma.

'Well we'll not say any more about that for the moment,' replied Captain Bill.

'But WE'RE HERE NOW!' pointed out Bertha.

'And I for one am most relieved,' mooed Camille.

'So now to get you out,' said Norma,'so if you could just gather together your little students?'

'Well....' replied Camille,'actually now you mention it, that might be a bit difficult....'

'.....because they are already on the other side of the hedge!' said Captain Bill with a flourish.

'Right,' said Norma.

'Interesting,' said Bertha.

'It was all my idea. I can show you how I did it if you like?' continued Captain Bill,'that's surprised you hasn't it!'

'That's one way of putting it,' said Bertha.

'So,' said Norma,'that's you, me, Bertha, Horace and Camille on this side of the hedge and Annie, Geraldine and Camille's little students on the other side of the hedge.'

'I'm afraid so,' said Camille.

'And Cyril?' asked Captain Bill.

'Wellll,' said Norma,'actually....he is the hedge!'

Which was jolly lucky because the snapping of the glider's wing seemed to have woken everyone up.

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