Monday, 9 August 2010

Reassuringly Heroic

You've been pining for him!

He's risking life and hoof even as he speaks!

But he's here for you....


Morning Fluffies,

Are you well?

Things must be looking up a bit, after all, you're looking at a picture of me!

Do you like the tail?

I think it adds a certain something and confirms, if confirmation were needed, that even heavily disguised mon handsomenessnus shines through!

Now last time we met I was throwing Captain Bill off a balloon. No doubt you were thinking that, what with old eyepatch about to be rumbled, that your hero saved the day by spotting a hayrick and aiming his leader in that general direction and indeed I can now confirm that at least a part of that was correct.

So what, I hear you ask, is life like as a pirate?

Not bad at all comes my reply! 3 square meals a day, 15 triangular ones and an octagonal snackette just before lights out AND a free designer cutlass!!!

I could take to it, I really could! But there are people to be rescued and medals to be won!

And so I must away.

Until we meet again

Your Hero


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