Friday, 27 August 2010

Setting the record straight

'And don't you go thinking that I've forgotten what you did!' continued Captain Bill. 'You deliberately threw me out of that balloon! You could have killed me! Once we're out of all this there's going to have to be a pretty fare reckoning up...and don't you think that you can just worm your way back into my favour by doing something brave at the last moment because it won't work!'

'Why are you talking to the 'edge?' asked Camille.

'I am not talking to 'the 'edge'' replied Captain Bill,'I am talking to Cyril.'

'But 'e's on the other side of the field!' said Camille.

Captain Bill looked across to the other side of the field.

Cyril gave him a wave.

'...........................................I was rehearsing.' said Captain Bill.

Camille stared at Captain Bill.

'OK!' she said,'well when you 'ave finished with your 'rehearsing', Norma was 'oping that you could join us and 'ave a little chat about the whole escaping thing. Just so that we all know what each of us is it all runs smoothly....without any, 'ow you say,...numptyness.'

'Fine,' said Captain Bill,'no over in a moment.'

Which he was...although he needn't really have bothered because the escape plan was already, 'ow you say, a bit pear shaped.

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