Tuesday, 10 August 2010

A sign, a sign!

The small group of friends peeked out from around the bushes and trees and looked at the sight below them.

'Yes!' said Norma,'this is much more like the sort of thing that I had in mind!'

'I think we can safely say this is the right island,' added Bertha.

'Pretty sure we can!' agreed Norma.

'But look, I say, isn't it a bit obvious them having a big sign like that?' said Horace.

'True,' replied Norma,'but I can only assume that it's all a part of some fiendish plan.'

'Right,'said Bertha,' well now we know that we're in the right place, the next thing to do is to make contact again with Cyril and Captain Bill.'

'For which we will need a top agent.' said Norma.

'I'm afraid that my horn makes me a bit of a give away for that sort of thing,' said Bertha.

'And I don't think you should go,' said Horace to Norma,'after all.....you're...erm.....sort of in charge.'

'Possibly,' replied Norma,'and as the only poet I can't really spare you either...which just leaves...'

'Are we there yet?' asked Annie.

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