Saturday, 21 August 2010

Something went snap in the night!

'Right lads, lads a bit of room please, if you could?' asked Flossie.

'Afraid the lads are a bit spooked!' said Lefty.

'It was a very loud noise!' called out a voice from the back.

'True,' said Flossie,'still we're made of sterner stuff than that me lucky lads!'

And there was a general bleating from the flock.

'We're with you all the way!' said Lefty.

'Good, good,' replied Flossie,'now I'll tell you what we'll do. I'll take a few of us and go around the other side, Lefty you can take another group back the other way and Hooky can stay here with the rest.'

But at this there was a muttering and grumbling.

'We'd rather not,' said Lefty,'...if you don't mind?'

'But we need to spread out and search the area! bleated Flossie.

'Still,'replied Lefty,'I think the lads would prefer it if we stayed a flock like....we can still do the searching though.'

'No problem with that!' called out another sheep.

'But lads!' pleaded Flossie,'lads, actually if you could just give me a bit more room, thank you. Look lads you can do it, I know you can and it won't be for long, you'll hardly notice!'

'Still,' replied Lefty,'if we know........stick together.'

'This way then,' said Flossie dejectedly and the flock set off around the hedge.


Sian said...

I've given you an award on my blog - I was sort of hoping Horace could give us more insight into his childhood but I understand if he hasn't got the time ;)

Steven Allender said...

Yippee! : )