Monday, 30 August 2010

Time for a climb

Meanwhile an escape was taking place....

'All aboard!' called down Annie from the balloon,'plenty more room up front!'

'Actually,' said Norma,'there is more room but it's going to make us very heavy.'

'Best be on your way then!' said Bertha,'we can follow on in the Mootilus.'

'Well we can take one more.' said Norma.

And Bertha held the ladder for Camille.

'No, no!' exclaimed Camille,'I cannot! I beg of you, carry ma little students to safety. I shall remain 'ere and watch Captain Bill fight to the death with the despicable pirate captain!'

'Pardon?!?' mooed Captain Bill.

'It is your destiny!' said Camille,'you will die like an 'ero, I shall mourn you...but obviously for not too long because I'm like still quite young.'

'She's very foreign at times isn't she!' said Captain Bill.

And Bertha nodded.

'Well we can't hang around,' called down Norma,'who is it going to be?'

'Well if weight is an issue,' said Cyril and he took a step back.

'So brave!' said Camille.

'And handsome,' added Cyril.

'I could...stay?' said Captain Bill with a terrible sinking feeling in several of his stomachs.

'Right!' said Bertha,'well I don't like the idea but...' and she started up the ladder.

Within a few seconds she was aboard and the balloon began to move off towards the sea.

'Good luck!' called back Norma,'we'll see you soon!'

'Right,' said Captain Bill,'well...erm?'

'To the Mootilus!' said Cyril,'actually I've always wanted to say that!'

And the three stampeded off.

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