Wednesday, 11 August 2010!

OK! Well like, first of all I 'ave to say I'm as surprised as you are that I'm 'ere! Capitaine Bill (we 'ad a bit of an argument, 'e says that's 'ow it's pronounced) was supposed to be 'aving a chat with you but then 'e said that 'is whole brain was 'aving to be devoted to the top class escape which 'e is organising.

So 'ere I am!

Now apparently, according to the notes I've been given, at this point it is standard procedure to 'waffle for a bit'.

What is this 'waffle for a bit?????' I don't know!!!

Still anyway, myself and ma little students just want to say that we're fine despite the 'ole kidnapped by pirate sheep business and if Etienne's mum is reading this he's sorry about not being 'ome for 'is tea and 'e got a gold star for 'is 'omework.

Right, I'm not going to write anymore anyway now because I fully expect by tomorrow morning we will 'ave been freed from the clutches of the evil pirates etc, etc.

So take care, nibble a grass croissant if you want to.

Ms Camille (Teacher of little students, private tuition available, reasonable fees charged but no refunds if your kid turns out to be a bit thick like because that aint ma fault!)

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