Friday, 13 August 2010

What Cyril said...

'OW!' said Horace.

'Annie!' said Norma.

'OW!' said Horace.

'Yes?' said Annie.

'OW!' said Horace.

Did Cyril tell you to do that?' asked Norma.

'Mr Sir Cyril,' corrected Annie.

'OW!' said Horace.

'Well if you could stop doing it please!' said Norma.

So Annie put down the stick.

'So apart from telling you to poke Horace with a stick, what else did Cyril say?'

Annie thought for a while.

Then a while longer.

Then it got dark.

'There was a bit about the other one,' said Annie the next morning.

'Captain Bill?' asked Norma.

'The annoying one,' said Annie.

'What about him?' asked Norma.

'Cyril said.....if you see him.....poke him with a stick!' said Annie with an air of triumph.

'I knew I should have taken the risk and gone myself!' said Bertha.

'Oh! And he gave me this,' added Annie and from under her disguise she produced a note and gave it to Norma.

'Meet me tomorrow night, 22.30, by the big sign, Cyril,' it said.

So that's what they planned to do.

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