Tuesday, 24 August 2010

When old friends meet

'But you could have just flown out!!!' mooed Bertha.

'Well, I suppose I should have expected this!' replied Captain Bill. 'It's just typical! You do your best in the heat of the moment, making life or death decisions, and then people wander along later and take it upon themselves to pick you up on some minor weak point!'

'But you were here for over a week!'exclaimed Bertha. 'You had a glider! At the top of, what Camille has kindly pointed out, was a very steep 'ill and all you managed to do was break a wing off of it!'

'Bit of glue,' replied Captain Bill,'soon have it fixed.'

'Arrrgggghhhh!' screamed Bertha, who then stampeded off to another part of the field.

'Didn't have an answer to that did you!' called out Captain Bill.

'Do you two think that you could try to keep your voices down?' asked Norma. 'We've been very lucky to get away with this so far. We're supposed to be laying low now it's got light again. '

'And I'm trying to write!' mooed Horace.

'Indeed!' agreed Norma,'and Horace is trying to write....although possibly that's not quite as important as the whole escaping, rescuing Ms Camille's little students and dealing with the terrible pirate sheep thing.'

And Horace looked most put out.

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