Thursday, 12 August 2010

When Pirate Sheep meet...

'And so I'd suggest that we just pass it off as part of some fiendish plan,' suggested Flossie.

From the flock came murmurings and mutterings of displeasure.

'Well they won't allow us the renew the insurance on the island without it!' said Flossie.

And so, reluctantly, the flock voted in favour.

'Right,' continued Flossie,'if we can now proceed with the meeting? Now as Lefty has already explained to you, I'm not at all happy about the way things went. 18 months in the planning and it all fell apart quicker than that consignment of flat packed furniture that we plundered!'

'We should have read the instructions!' called out a sheep from the back, but Flossie ignored him.

'So what we need to do now,' he went on,'is too decide what to do with the hostages?'

Lefty was just about to raise a hoof when a bizarre looking sheep beat him to it.

''Excuse me!' it said,'I wonder if you could point me in the direction of the nearest ruthless pirate sheep?'

'Erm?' replied Flossie,'....that would be us.'

''Ooooooooooh goodie! I've arrived then!' said Annie and she danced in a little circle and then waved at some bushes in the distance and pointed at the pirate sheep.

The flock looked at Annie.

Annie smiled back at them.

And then, just as she was about to ask whether anyone would mind if she had a nap, a very large sheep in sunglasses appeared and whisked her away.

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