Saturday, 11 September 2010

The arrival of Royalty

'Cooooooeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!' called out Queen Phoebe.

'Over here!' shouted Bertha from the balloon.

'Are you all OK?' asked Queen Phoebe.

'Just one very minor injury,' replied Bertha.

'But I'm dying!' mooed Horace....but everyone ignored him.

'Excellent!' said Queen Phoebe.

'We think the sheep have had enough.' said Norma.

And indeed they had, for as a result of the hole that Gertie had made in the bottom of it, the Mint Sauce was sinking fast.

'Abandon ship!' bleated Lefty.

'Spread out lads! Try to use more than one lifeboat!' called out Flossie from the Mootilus. But the flock ignored him and all clambered into the same one.

'They never listen!' said Flossie.

'How true,' agreed Captain Bill.

'Right,' said Queen Phoebe,'well if it's alright with everyone else, we'll pick up the evil little blighters first....only the press always like a few piccies of the cuffs going on and His Regalness could do with a nice bit of publicity.'

And so King Otto's flagship turned towards the Mint Sauce.

In the Mootilus the 3 figures sat and watched the scene unfold.

'Well there is still time for you to finish your duel,' suggested Camille.

But both Captain Bill and Flossie felt the moment had passed.

And it had.

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