Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Art and the critic

'But it just doesn't speak to me!' mooed Bertha.

'I think it's quite nice,' replied Horace.

'But it's too staid,' continued Bertha, 'sculpture should challenge the viewer...I'd have taken a completely different approach!'

'Hmmm, I think you're taking it all a bit too seriously,' replied Horace. 'After all everybody has the right to see the world around them in their own fashion and anyway I think it's good of them to have a little museum onboard. You should just try to relax and enjoy it.'

'Enjoy it! exclaimed Bertha.

'It's a perfectly justifiable approach,' replied Horace,'just to enjoy something. It doesn't always have to be some overblown artistic struggle.'

Bertha huffed.

'The paintings are just the same,' she added, 'dull, dull, dull...and everyone a landscape!'

'I think that one's pretty,' suggested Horace.

'OH PRETTY!' replied Bertha,'I've had enough of this!'

And with that Bertha hurried through to the next room.

'Oh!' she said,'it's a library.'

'Any poetry?' asked Horace.

Bertha held up a slim grey book.

Horace read the name on the cover.

'HIM!' he said.

'You don't think you're in danger of taking poetry a bit too seriously?' asked Bertha.

Horace looked at Bertha.

Bertha looked at Horace.

'I didn't see anything if you didn't,' suggested Horace.

So Bertha herded back towards the sculptures and Horace took out his pencil.

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