Thursday, 2 September 2010

At sea again

'But you've got to come!' mooed Captain Bill.

'Sorry,' said Cyril,' but you need to be as fast as possible. I'd just slow you down.'

'But that just leaves me and Camille!' said Captain Bill.

'I'm sure you'll be very happy together,' replied Cyril.

But she doesn't know anything about sailing!' said Captain Bill.

'Great!' said Cyril. 'You've already got so much in common!'

'But she doesn't know that I'm not a proper C...A...P...T...A...I...N anymore,' whispered Captain Bill.

Cyril stopped pushing the Mootilus.

'Really?' he asked. 'I'd have thought she'd worked that out a long time ago.'

'Which means I shouldn't really be sailing,' continued Captain Bill.

'But you are!' replied Cyril. 'So bon voyage to the both of you.' and he gave the Mootilus one last shove. 'All you need to do is sink the pirates and you'll be a hero!' he called out to Captain Bill. 'In the meantime I'll just swim around for a bit and look handsome.'

Captain Bill watched Cyril getting smaller and smaller and then turned around and looked at Camille.

'Right,' he said.

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