Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Behind baaaaaaaaaaars

'Lads are feeling a bit down now,' said Lefty.

'Understandable,' replied Flossie, '..........if you could just give me a bit more room?'

'Small brig,' pointed out Lefty.

'True,' replied Flossie,'very true! Still we'll be OK! There are worse places and situations. We've not got much to complain about.'

'My fleece got all wet!' called out a sheep from the back.

'And I've lost my teddie!' bleated another.

Flossie glanced around.

'Did you want to have a word with him about that?' asked Lefty.

'Not just now,' replied Flossie, 'doesn't seem like the right time somehow.'

'Perhaps for the best,' said Lefty.

'Mmmmm,' replied Flossie, 'and anyway while I've got this lipstick on me....'

'Colour suits you though,' said Lefty.

'Really?' asked Flossie, 'I thought something with more of a deeper base....not that it really matters........so anybody got a plan of escape?'

And they had.

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