Friday, 1 October 2010

Big trouble

'And there's bits of trifle all over his little kingshipfulnesses 3rd best guest bed!' continued Queen Phoebe.

'Well, I just don't know what to say,' replied Norma, 'I'm sure Cyril will be mortified when I tell him. Only usually he licks the bowl clean. He won't be at all happy about wasting any.'

'That's hardly the point!' pointed out Queen Phoebe.

'No,' conceded Norma.

'And Marie Clare is still stuck down one of the cannons and the contents of the dressing up room seems to have been scattered all over the ship and one of his regalnesses sculptures has had bits knocked off of it and...and...and you've only been here a week!'

'Indeed,' said Norma,'.......sorry!'

'Well it just isn't good enough!' continued Queen Phoebe. 'It's this sort of thing what makes the gossip pages and before you know it any sort of reputation one 'ad is completely up the chute!'

And with that Queen Phoebe turned and flounced away.

Norma stood for a while wondering whether she should mention the sign on Queen Phoebe's back and while she did so Geraldine hopped down from her hat and gave her a big hug.

'Thank you,' said Norma and she was just about to go for a lay down when a cry rang out from the crows nest.

'Land ahoy!' it said.

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