Tuesday, 21 September 2010

A brig of a problem!

On King Otto's flagship Captain Bill peered gingerly into the brig.

'And you've had a really thorough look?' he asked quietly.

Bertha stared at him.

'Just asking!' said Captain Bill,'.......what about......in the corners?'

'You mean on the off chance that there's a flock of pirate sheep hiding there?' suggested Bertha.

'I don't think there's any need for that tone,' replied Captain Bill. 'So....based on the evidence...I can't help thinking....they've escaped!'

'That would account for their absence,' said Bertha.

Captain Bill sighed. 'I don't suppose anyone saw anything?' he asked.

'In the middle of one of our parties?' replied Bertha.

'Fair point!' replied Captain Bill, 'well.....tricky situation!'

'And their balloon's gone as well,' added Bertha.

'Hmmmm,' said Captain Bill,'....trickier.'

'And nobodies told Queen Phoebe yet,' added Bertha.

'Ah!' said Captain Bill.

'So I've told her you want to speak to her,' continued Bertha.

'WHAT!!!!' mooed Captain Bill.

'I just thought..' said Bertha.

'Well you can just unthink,' replied Captain Bill,'it's not our ship, we're not responsible, it's not our fault!'

'But still,' said Bertha,'someone has to tell her....someone brave....I mean anyone who's brave enough to fight a duel...'

'Don't start that!' said Captain Bill.

'You'll be fine,' said Bertha,'.........I'll lend you a lipstick if you like?'

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