Monday, 13 September 2010

A change of career

On the deck of King Otto's flagship small people and large people were being reunited.

'Oh!' cried Camille, 'ma little students are safe at last! 'Ow can I ever thank you?'

Inside Annie's head a giant purple Hippopotamus made out of cake did a little dance and pointed at itself

'You know,' continued Camille before Annie could properly reply, 'I think maybe with a bit of studying you too could become a teacher one day!'

And the minimoos waved their tails in agreement.

'Well I did teach the shrimps to knit,' said Annie, 'and I once taught Mr Sir Cyril how to stick all four of his hooves into his ears at the same time.'

'You know that's pretty much the 1st year's course taken care of already!' replied Camille. 'Knitting is something I strongly encourage. Although obviously you 'ave to draw the line at setting up some sort of workshop in which the students work for eleventy billion hours a day just so you can fund the building of a new class room...which I never did....ever...............anyway we needed that room!'

But luckily for Camille, Annie had only listened to the first couple of words she had said before she became distracted by someone else who had appeared on deck.

'NORMAN!' she mooed and stampeded past Camille to get to her chum.

'If you ever want a letter of recommendation for the teaching college,' called out Camille after her.

Meanwhile on another part of the ship....a rather darker mood ensued.

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