Thursday, 9 September 2010

Death and the Poet

'Norma?'gasped Horace,'Norma are you there?'

'I'm here!' said Norma.

'Norma,'whispered Horace, 'if this is it...if this is the end, there's something I'd like you to know, something I've always been meaning to tell you.'

'Yes?' said Norma.

'I'd still like you to try to get my poetry published!'

Norma swallowed deeply.

'Horace,' she said.

'Yes?' said Horace.

'You got hit by a cushion....NOW GET UP AND DO SOMETHING USEFUL!'

And with that Norma turned and herded off towards the other end of the balloon.

'Well that's a bit stiff!' mooed Horace after her.

But nobody agreed with Horace.

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