Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Fire away!

'Reporting Gertie all ready and loaded,' bleated Lefty.

'Good lads!' shouted Flossie and he gambolled over for a closer look.

'What's that big thing sticking out the end?' he asked.

'Bolster,' replied Lefty.

'Not really a cushion,' said Flossie.

'Lads were hoping you wouldn't mind,' replied Lefty.

'Is it starched?' asked Flossie.

But Lefty said it wasn't.

'........OK then!' said Flossie.

And the crew bleated in delight.

'What else is in there?' asked Flossie.

'Just cushions,' said Lefty.

'They've taken my Teddy Bear!' called out a sheep at the back.

'Haven't put it in,' assured Lefty.

'Teddy Bear!!!' exclaimed Flossie.

'Been meaning to have a word with you about that,' said Lefty.

'Too right we will!' replied Flossie,'still it'll have to wait for the moment. Now how much powder has Hookey put in?'

'A bit,' replied Lefty.

'How much?' asked Flossie.

'Quite a bit,' replied Lefty.

'How much?' asked Flossie.

'All of it,' replied Lefty. 'Sort of makes up a bit for it being cushions. Lads feel happier now.'

'Fare enough,' replied Flossie,'but maybe I should fire it? Might be a bit of a recoil.'

So the crew stood to one side and Flossie fired Gertie.

The cushions (and bolster) went one way. Gertie (and Flossie) went the other.

The cushions (and bolster) flew up towards Annie, Norma, Bertha, Horace and the Minimoos.

Gertie flew backwards, hit the main mast and crashed downwards through the Mint Sauce.

Flossie missed the mast and kept going, across the ship, over the stern, over the sea...... and straight towards the Mootilus.

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