Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Fire away!

'And then you have to turn a switch and release the elastic band and it fires!' explained Captain Bill.

'Well I 'ave to say that clearly your knowledge of big cannons is 2nd to none!' said Camille.

And her little students waved their tails in agreement.

'Only to be expected,' replied Captain Bill. 'A lifetime as a top, heroic, duel fighting Captain is bound to bring about a certain understanding of all things nautical!'

'And you're quite sure that Marie Clare is safe being stuck down the pointy end?' asked Camille.

'Not a problem,' replied Captain Bill.

'Only if she got fired out of it I suspect she would get pretty splatified,' added Camille,'which while clearly serious for 'er is also almost certainly a sackable offence for yours truly.'

'Really?' asked Captain Bill.

'Don't you believe it!' replied Camille. 'You couldn't even begin to guess at the 'oops teachers of little students 'ave to jump through these days. I remember, in ma first job, I organised a trip to the local giant 'ammer and blow torch factory....I 'ad to move on pretty swiftly after that I can tell you!'

'Right!' replied Captain Bill. 'Maybe we'll give the musket and bayonet room a miss then?'

And Camille thought that a very good idea.

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