Monday, 6 September 2010

Introducing Gertie

Aboard the Mint Sauce the excitement had risen to quite considerable levels.

'Reporting balloon now in range,' said Lefty.

'Well done me hearties!' shouted Flossie.

'Permission to fire Gertie?' asked Lefty.

'Well,' replied Flossie,'....possibly.'

And there was a general muttering and rumbling of not happiness within the flock.

'Lads are a bit excited,' said Lefty,'it's been a long time since they fired Gertie. Lads'd be a bit upset if they couldn't.'

'I understand, I understand,' replied Flossie,'but as you say, it's been a long time...and there's been a bit of an update on the old health and safety.'

And shouts of 'Who cares!' and 'What time is it?' were heard from the flock.

'Lads are looking worried,' said Lefty.

'No need,' replied Flossie,'I'm sure it'll be just a formality. Now what are you proposing to load Gertie with?'

'Grapeshot!' bleated Lefty.

'Afraid not!' replied Flossie. 'As we all know, there be little students aboard the balloon. So the most I could allow would be a heavily starched cushion.'

'Not sure that'll bring 'em down?' said Lefty.

'Pretty sure it won't!' called out a sheep from the back.

'Still lads,' said Flossie,'it's the best I can do....but you can push all the stuffing down one end.'

'Right...think the lads are hankering after the old days,' said Lefty disappointedly.

'Aren't we all!' replied Flossie.

So the flock went to gather up what cushions they had.

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