Thursday, 30 September 2010

Life as it should be

He's here!

He's feeling extra lovable!

And he's stayed awake just for you!

Ittt'ssssssssssssssssss CYRILLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!

Morning chums,

Let's be honest, me laying on a bed, eating'll not get that image out of your head for a good while...and neither should you want to!

I don't know who's room this is....mine now I suppose!

I should probably get some extra cushions and get the drapes changed, but all in good time.

So far I've managed to have a nice quiet time, apart from when young Annie wandered through dressed in an assortment of silly hats, but she seemed perfectly happy and that's what counts, well that and a good meal every hour or so. Luckily there's a sort of rope pulley thing which seems to produce regular quantities of sandwiches and cake. Maybe I'll order some cake sandwiches?!

Right, time for a nap, I've been awake for a good 15 minutes.

Your mate


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